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Santo Santaniello is a young and dynamic company, specialized in the processing of nuts.
An excellence of territory, an all Italian brand

Natural products:
from the earth to the packaging.

Our company, Santo Santaniello, processes nuts naturally, preserving the essence of hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts, in total respect of the raw materials and the earth.



Nocciole tostate


In the healthiest
and most natural way possible

Our products are processed to obtain different textures, according to the different methods of use. Thanks to advanced technology and traditional and familiar know-how, we transform our products into flour, grain, paste and cream. Natural Nuts.

The flours

Our flours are produced naturally, with a careful selection of the raw material which is first dried and then finely ground.

The grain

Our grain are obtained thanks of the roasting of nuts, and then we grind and calibrate the product.

The pure paste

After being mechanically stripped of the shell, the nuts are light roasted, selected and refined, so we obtain a homogeneous semi-finished product with a natural and original taste.

Cream and praline paste

Our creams and our praline pastes are the result of careful processing that starts from the selection of nuts, to the roasting, to the creation of a creamy and homogeneous product, with a delicate natural flavour, excellent to be enjoyed as it is or as a main ingredient in confectionery.

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